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Bania SPA Center

"Bancheto" BATH

This is a treatment bath with thermal swimming pools. The pools are 9 metres long, 7.60 metres wide, 0.80 metres deep. Water comes directly from below as the pool is built right over a mineral water spring. The water is comfortably hot and contains many curable minerals.

Opening hours

All year round, from 7:30 to 18:00 o'clock


locomotory system and peripheral nervous system -neuralgia, neuritis, lumbago, discal hernia, rheumatoid polyrthritis /rheumatism/, osteoporosis, humeroscapular periarthritis, morbus Bechterewi, myalgia and myositis , gastritis, colitis, a gastric ulcer, disease of the kidneys, etc. There are a lot of beaches, swimming pools, sport complexes, balneological hotels and rehabilitation establishments.

Bania Bulgaria
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