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SPA Treatment
Mineral springs

Our mineral water is best for external spa treatments of rheumatic, degenerative diseases and inflammatory processes as well as of traumatic, orthopaedic, neurological and gynaecological disease.

One of the mineral water's components is sulphur. One needs to soak oneself in the water in order to benefit from its healing qualities. It is not advised to drink this water and it smells specifically of sulphur. Silver will turn black if immersed in it and is then easily cleaned with sodium bicarbonate. Flesh-wounds and grazes heal quickly.

Banya health resort is highly recomended

For treatment of locomotory system and peripheral nervous system -neuralgia, neuritis, lumbago, discal hernia, rheumatoid polyrthritis /rheumatism/, osteoporosis, humeroscapular periarthritis, morbus Bechterewi, myalgia and myositis, gastritis, colitis, a gastric ulcer, disease of the kidneys, etc. There are a lot of beaches, swimming pools, sport complexes, balneological hotels and rehabilitation establishments.

Which illnesses cannot be treated from the pools at Banya?

всички заболявания в острия стадий, гнойни заболявания, венерически заболявания, кръвоизливи от най-различен произход, злокачествена анемия, тумори, туберкулоза, сърдечни заболявания с явления на недостатъчност, тежки парализи, тежки форми на захарна и базедова болест, кожни заболявания като краста, инфикции, гъбички, и др.


There are several mineral springs with proven curative properties in this resort. Due to the natural mud of mineral springs there are favorable conditions for open air pelotherapy.

There are spa hotels where equipped consulting rooms provide physiotherapeutic procedures such as massage, curative, gymnastic, fitness, solarium, sauna, bubble and therapeutic baths, lye and mud applications. The most modern combined method have been applied such as hydrotherapy, lug therapy, phytoterapy. There are complexes here which have fitness rooms, solariums, a sauna bath, rooms for kinesitherapy, electro- and phototherapy, hydrotherapy, hydro massage baths combined with dzakuzi, pearl baths and many thermal swimming pools.

Medical services are available 24 hours per day, 7 day per week

"Kokalcheto" Water Springs

Water coming from this mineral spring is good for drinking. It helps with stomach ache,gastritis and colitis. It is recommended to drink 0,800-2000 ml per day 4 or 5 times, 1 and half hours before eating.

One day I woke up with bad stomach ache. The previous evening I had been eating chicken in a restaurant. My child and I went for a walk in the park where the the "Kokalcheto" spring runs and I decided to drink a glass of mineral water. Whilst I was drinking and I felt the hot water entering my stomach, the ache stopped. When I drained the cup my stomach ache had gone. I couldn't believe but it was true.



Classic massage 50 min - 20 €
Classic massage 20 min – 15 €
Relaxing massage 50 min - 20 €
Relaxing massage 25 min – 15 €
Head and neck massage 20 min – 10 €
Therapeutic massage 25 min – 15 €
YANG zone massage 25 min - 15 €
Slimming massage 25 min - 20 €
Anti-cellulite therapy 50 min – 20 €
Balkan massage - 20 €
Aroma massage /honey/ 50 min – 20 €
Aroma massage /honey/ 20 min - 15 €
Four hand massage 30 min - 15 €
Aroma therapy (aromatic oil) 70 min - 25 €
Anti-heavy legs therapy 25 min - 15 €

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