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MUD Treatment

Mud baths

The outside baths:
The season begins in the end of May and lasts until the end of October. These baths consist of 2 mud baths and 1 pool with clean mineral water. The temperature of each of the mud baths is 37° and 39°. After the treatment you can relax and sun-bathe in the area surrounding the baths

Where does the mud come from?

The mud that fills these baths comes from an area approx. of 30 acres of marsh. The ground is made up of peat, which has been soaked in the grounds natural mineral water. The depth of peat measures between 30 cm and 1 metre and the minerals in the water enrich the peat. It’s dark brown and slightly greasy to touch with very little smell. It apparently contains gases, minerals with antibiotic properties and vitamins.

Therapeutic mud

Therapeutic mud is an extremely valuable resource - it is a complex, biologically active admixture of organic and inorganic substances, exerting a mechanical, chemical and thermal effect on the body, stimulating blood circulation, breathing and body metabolism.

This mud works as an anaesthetic and pain killer and speeds up the healing process. It can strengthen body tissue and it can reduce acidity in the stomach. Whilst in the mud, the heartbeat can increase by 10 or 15 beats per minute and blood pressure will initially go down, and then will go back up a little. Mud treatment is considered to be a holistic one providing benefits to the whole body.

How can you ensure your mud treatment is effective?

Initially,it is recommended that you stay in the mud baths for no longer than 8-10 minutes. This can be increased every visit to the baths up to an eventual 15-18 minute stay.This treatment should be taken every other day and a total of 10-12 treatments is suggested. It is more beneficial to experience this treatment outside as the sun and the air are directly involved in the healing process which enhances the whole therapeutic experience.

Opening hours

The baths are open from the end of May and lasts until the end of October. The baths are open from 7am to 12pm for men and from 1pm to 6pm for women.This changes weekly and the following week the times are reversed.Check with your host before you go as to which schedule is in operation.

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